Monday, September 30, 2013

First stage of installation A Time Capsule of Life is complete.

This is the first stage of the new installation 'A Time Capsule of Life' before completion. Coming sunday October the 6th my latest solo exhibition will be opened for public from 3 - 6 pm in Het Glazen Huis, Amstelpark, Netherlands.

Curated by Alice Smit of Zone2Source.

A Time Capsule of Life is a moving and sound producing sculpture, the structure of which derives from a seed; a complete survival package. The sculpture is created from plastic bags, a contemporary mode of distribution of daily goods which, connected together, form a transparent structure of cells and conduits. By connecting the plastic bags with air tubes the bags are pumped up by the movement of the audience, bringing the seed to life.

The sphere seed with the first 470 pvc air tubes.
Diameter 3 m and 470 plastic bags.

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