Wednesday, August 28, 2013

New installation at DordtYart is finished!

I can proudly present my new installation / sculpture 'For Whom the Tides Toll' at DordtYart Art Foundation. It is still to be seen en to hear till the end of september 2013. After that it will be in the next year show as well.

"For Whom the Tides Toll' imagines the five major waters in the Biesbosch nature park where DordtYart is situated. The changing of the tides in the harbor nearby causes a change of tone in the organ pipes. Low water gets a low tone and Hi water gets high tones.

The glass vases are to close two holes in the wooden air structure. By evaporating the water out of the vase the glass bulb will get down en shuts the hole in the airway. This will increase the volume.

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