Saturday, February 18, 2012

small exhibition in the office of deputy mayor Pieter Heiliegers

An old work and a recent study model exhibited in the office
room of Pieter Heiliegers, Deputy Mayor of Culture in Haarlem.
It's an initiative of the artist members of the Vishal, Haarlem.

website of the de Vishal

the deputy and me 
talking about the model
and the Arabidopsis

Self-portrait      2003
A 3 year old collection of belly button 
lint, clothing fibers collected by the 
structure of my belly hairs around 
my navel. And a casting of my navel.
size (2x) 11 x 11 x 108 cm
materials stainless steel, wood, metal, 
plaster cast, lacquer, lint
year 2003

with the collection of belly button lint...

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