Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Section 31 part 63 for the Winterlicht II exhibition.

experiment with a strobe to let the sculpture move. plus a film still of the recording.

The title and work implies that this is part of a huge object. It refers to the activities of the famous shipyard Wilton - Feyenoord. It was located at the back of the Juliana Park where the exhibition takes place. The discredited and defunct shipyard donated the park to the municipality of Schiedam. The yard was also controversial because of various dubious secret assignments during the war.
The image calls up associations, partly true but not quite. The delicate skin is turned inside out and is on the wrong side of the structure. In the darkness of the light art festival, the image is illuminated by two huge strobes on either side. This image is seen only a fraction of a second as a chimera. By the overlap of the two frequencies of the strobes, the sculpture starts to move.

turn on the movie ...

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